Lowcountry Leadership Branding

Skills Utilized

  • Logo and Branding Development
  • Web Design / Wordpress
  • Creative Direction
  • Collaboration with Marketing firm
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Expecting more. Requiring more. Delivering more.

That’s the motto of Lowcountry Leadership Charter School. Sound like they are not playing around? CORRECT!

They are a different kind of public school that specializes in bringing up leaders. They believe that the notion that leaders are born is complete nonsense. They believe they are taught, and that is their mission – and they take it very serious.

We were charged with conveying this in their logo. Bottom line, they wanted the logo to be regal and blatantly leadership. We collaborated with the team at VanLaw Strategic Solutions and came up with the compass treatment. From there we were asked to roll that into a school mascot, stationary and finally, the website.

Lowcountry Logo Lowcountry Mascot Lowcountry Emblem
Lowcountry Stationary