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Skills Utilized

  • Print Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Technical Illustration
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A shirt that takes the place of your mother telling you to stand up straight!? SOLD

Is it a straight jacket? Some sort of torture device? These were the questions we asked when the good people at Perseus Athletics came to us for some help with their print identity. At a quick glance it seemed as though the shirt would shock you for not standing up straight! Suddenly Mom’s complaining started to sound better. Upon further explanation we understood the shirt uses “Bio feedback” (a fancy way of saying the shirt vibrates) to remind you to stand up straight. Its actually very cool how it works. Filaments woven into the shirt or bra can be adjusted for tension through the vibrating disc on the side.

They needed some ads, posters, brochures and stationary, so we delivered! We even got a free shirt out of the deal

Perseus Ad Poster
Perseus Ad & Stationary