Cabin Fever Whisky

Skills Utilized

  • Print/Ad Design
  • Shirt Design
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Whisky made with real Vermont maple syrup??

We know.. it sounds like breakfast and booze colliding, which is usually grounds for AA meetings, but in this case its simply delish. Created in a New Hampshire backyard, Cabin Fever has gone from a family experiment, to one of the fastest growing spirits in the last decade. Its pretty easy to see why once you have a taste.

When they came to us for help with their first big magazine Ad, we were happy to raise a glass. They wanted the ad to reflect the backyard rustic vibe that the company was founded on. We also did some pretty cool shirt designs as well. We won’t deny that we love this client, partly because they send us free samples. CHEERS!

Cabin Fever Magazine Ad
Mens Tee
Womens Tee Alternate Tee