Vistaprint Lobby Display

Skills Utilized

  • Display Design & Production
  • Construction & Assembly
  • Collaboration with Vistaprint Creative
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Vistaprint wanted to make a statement in their headquarters lobby... DONE!

We absolutely LOVE a challenge. When Vistaprint came to us for a show stopping display for their main lobby, we were beyond excited by the opportunity. They wanted it to serve as and educational piece for both visitors and employees alike, about their recent product offerings. They made it clear that they wanted this to be interactive – Where you could touch and feel the products as well as learn about how they are made, and the people who buy them.

Aaaaaaand Viola! From the two 70″ touchscreen interactive presentations, to the 30 foot LED light wall, the final product is a sight to behold (sorry.. we’re bragging). For the interactive component, we collaborated with Neo-Pangea and the Vistaprint creative team and came up with two slick touch screen presentations showing product features, manufacturing plants, as well as customer testimonials. We had custom clear acrylic product holders made to display the products in a manner that made it easy to walk up and handle the product. We could go on and on about this but by now you’ve already tuned out and are looking at the pictures.. as you should be.

Vistaprint Display Vistaprint Display
Vistaprint Display