Centralarm tradeshow display

Skills Utilized

  • Display Design
  • Kiosk Design
  • Interactive Presentaions
  • Construction & Fabrication
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The Centralarm trade show booth

The Challenge: Build a booth that reflects Centralarm’s modern, technologically advanced and hardworking image in a 20’x 20′ space, while representing the individual companies that make up the CentraGroup. Give it an open welcome feel. Make it sexy!

The Result: Boom! We delivered! We gave them an aluminum truss approach that matched their image and decor of their headquarters (which we also designed ;)) to a tee! Within the overall 20 foot square structure are three kiosks each representing one of the three companies in the CentraGroup. They are each complete with a product display light table, and a custom interactive presentation that displays on each of the kiosks 4 screens.

Did we mention.. not only did the display fulfill Centralarm’s desires, it has also collected them several BEST OF SHOW awards??

7 to be exact.. but who’s counting? (WE ARE)

Centralarm Tradeshow Display